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Running Your Business

  • Moo – Printing business cards, etc.
  • Namecheap– Domain registration + hosting (been using for 15+ years)


Project Management

Something to think about:


Business owners will say this is absolutely necessary for any project to be successful. We once worked for a team whose owner was a bit scattered. The first thing we did was step in and help her organize her thoughts on what she wanted in a web design to improve the outcome of her project.


We believe in good communication. That means, we will ask questions until we fully understand the job and we will follow up with team members to see if they have questions or concerns. 

A recent client spoke of how happy she was that she brought us on board because of our clear communication in organizing her membership site launch. Since building a membership website from scratch was all new to her, she appreciated our emails with updates, questions or concerns.

Big Picture Thinking: 

Because of our experience over the past 15+ years, we can usually see the big picture. Meaning, our web designers know all of the steps needed to make your website truly worthy of your business. Because really that’s what it’s all about, right? Your website needs to showcase what you do/sell in a way that makes people say “YES! I must have!”. That’s OUR job. Making your website as bad a$$ as YOU are.