Debbi Sherman

Small Business Resources

It seems like anymore there is a tool or gadget for everything. Don’t even get me started on AI usage! Truth is – if you own a business, you need tools to help you keep things running smoothly.

Organization is very important in life and especially in business. You gotta be able to FIND stuff, amiright?

Check out my list below!

Don’t get impatient! Every single day isn’t going to be perfectly organized and go according to plan. It’s ok to have off days/weeks/months… the person who wins is the person who keeps showing up.

To give you a bit of a boost, here are some of my absolute favorite resources.


Teamwork is an extremely flexible project management tool. It’s free version offers all of the features you would need for your small business and when your business is ready to expand, upgrading is easy. Click here.


Are you a writer? Substack is a cool, writer-based ‘hang out’ spot that is very cool to put down thoughts, etc. Like my profile here.

17Hats – Biz Management + Accounting

17hats does it all – from lead collecting to proposals, contracts and invoicing, it’s the complete package. Time tracking and syncing to your bank account also included. Check it out!

Asana – Task Mng

There are a few small business resources that I use for project management but this is one I come back to again and again.

Ocoya – Social Media

Social media scheduling on steroids. You won’t know your small business needed this until you try it out!

SendFox – Email Mkt

Email marketing done right. Better than Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Easy interface and just all around easy to use.

Honeybook – Project Mng +

I just discovered Honeybook recently and I love it. One thing that isn’t the best yet: TASKS. And that is why I use ASANA for tasks and Honeybook for everything else.

Ubersuggest – SEO

From SEO Expert Neil Patel, is his SEO application, Ubersuggest.

Other Useful Things

Here are a few other fun and useful things I’ve noticed in my travels online.

If you have something you’d like to suggest, please email me at me @ debbisherman dot com.

  • Text template and keyboard shortcut extension for Chrome. Haven’t used it yet – but plan on trying it.

Some links contain affiliate tracking. That means that if you click, I receive a small amount. I never recommend anything I haven’t used myself. TIA