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Sales Page Example (LeadPages) for Launch

Our client had a Black Friday promotion that needed a sales page, and because I love a good sales page, I was happy to jump in!

Using LeadPages, which is by far our favorite landing & sales page creator, we created an attractive, functional sales page.

There are many parts to a traditional, long-form sales page and this page covers many of them: 

  • The offer
  • The why
  • The bonuses
  • Testimonials
  • Pitch and close
Want to know more about the sales page, how it should work and the overall marketing ideas behind it? Stay tuned! We’re writing a mega article to go over all of that (and more). If you want to make sure you get notified when it comes in, click the button:

I think we nailed it!

Here’s the complete page as a PDF.

And we’ve included some snaps of the page, as well.

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